Convert Minecraft map marker definitions

from DynMap to BlueMap

Marker documentation: DynMap, BlueMap




DynMap markers.yml contains markers from all worlds, choose one.
One set name per line.
The placeholder %icon% is replaced with the icon name.
BlueMap POI markers support an optional icon offset, called anchor. This configuration option uses JSON syntax to map DynMap icon names to BlueMap anchors. Fractions will be rounded to the nearest integer. Optionally you can use the icon name * to specify a default anchor for all POI marker icons.
Imagemagick's identify tool can calculate the center of your icons, e.g. (don't forget to remove the last trailing comma from the output if you use this command):
identify -format '"%t": {"x": %[fx:w/2], "y": %[fx:h/2]},\n' *.png
Useful for debugging and editing markers.


Problems or suggestions? Open a github issue.
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